The research unit Active & Assisted Living took this unique opportunity to present a whole series of projects:

  • As part of the 2nd Open Day, the project CARE4TECH was represented at the #LetsCluster Summit. CARE4TECH project partners CUAS and Evolaris Next Level GmbH engaged participants in an interesting exchange regarding the future of Smart Living. How to define smartness was the topic of Christian Kittl’s presentation where he stressed that quality of life was the ultimate criterium to judge whether a technology was smart or not. In their presentation on smart systems and devices Johannes Oberzaucher and Daniela Krainer stressed the importance of early integration of end users and all quadruple helix actors in open innovation processes. The conversations continued around the CARE4TECH booth, engaging interested stakeholders in a constructive dialogue around possibilities of collaborative innovation in the Alpine Space area, anchoring the Living Lab concept as well as the Think Tank development by strengthening and extending the CARE4TECH network.
  • Visitors had the possibility to get to know the project Smart VitAALity and try out the technical components at the exhibition booth.
  • Alexander Kollreider from Tyromotion, project partner in the REHA2030 project, presented about Modern Technology in Neuro Rehabilitation.
  • Partners of the COOP4HEALTHCARE consortium participated at the conference, discussed and connected around the building blocks of future living, especially on SMART HEALTH.
  • During the „63rd Digitaldialog | a digital future life“ ( , one day of Louisa’s life and how smart devices creates her daily routine has been shown. In this session, Johannes Oberzaucher presented the DETECT & CONNECT System (sleep behaviour monitoring system) of our project partner P.SYS caring system.

A big thanks to the Silicon Alps team for hosting this great event.