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Welcome Lukas Wohofsky!

Lukas Wohofsky, BSc MSc
Junior Researcher
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Primoschgasse 8-10
9020 Klagenfurt
T: +43 (0)5 / 90500-3219

Hi Lukas. It’s a pleasure meeting you. Would you like to briefly introduce yourself?
Of course! My name is Lukas Wohofsky and I am pleased to work in the AAL scientific team at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences since mid-November.
Engineering played an important role in my life since my early childhood. With only five years of age I graduated my first apprenticeship in my granddad’s workshop.
Despite affairs with basketball and music in my wild years, between seven and fourteen, I decided to attend the polytechnic institute in automation.
After matriculation I changed my acquaintances from peers to the elderly – I performed community service in a nursing home. Although I liked working with people, a career as a male nurse or physician seemed unattractive to me.

After careful consideration, I decided to study Health and Nursing Sciences. What I didn’t know at this time was, that the Medical University of Graz rather wanted to educate registered nurses than raw beginners.
Anyway, that was what enabled me to make my degree as a registered nurse. The following almost three years I visited older people, in a professional context, in their homes in Vienna, as a nurse in the home care sector. Nevertheless, engineering was always a part of my life and so was healthcare. That is why I started studying Health Assisting Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, where I graduated two years later as Master of Science.

Since you were studying on other universities in the past, I would be interested to know about your experience and prior-knowledge about Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

Well, coincidentally our team leader, Daniela Krainer, held a course I attended at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. Already that time I thought, wow, that sounds interesting what they are doing. And since my geographic center of life changed from Vienna to Carinthia, I didn’t miss the chance.

Now you’re part of the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Team. What experience do you contribute from your prior career?

I think, a big benefit is that I have seen both sides – the healthcare and technology sector. Furthermore, it’s my experience in home nursing, what held some unforgettable moments and memories.

Tell us a bit more about how you actually plan to bring in your experience in the research group.

Through my studies in the healthcare sector, I am familiar with the scientific work in that particular field. Since one part of AAL projects is always health-related, I think that is where I can bring in my experience. The other side is the technique. Especially while studying Health Assisting Engineering I gained insights into a wide range of innovative approaches and methods.

What are your goals and expectations working in the field of AAL?

My long-term goal is to contribute my own ideas or suggestions for improvement. During my time in home nursing I noticed some problems where I thought, that can be solved by technical means. I do also think that this is the key to ensure nursing care provision. But for now, it’s about getting used to project work.

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