Interfaces Today: Occupational Therapy & AAL

In the framework of the lecture “Ambient Assisted Living and Occupational Therapy” at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, an online mini-conference via MS teams took place on November 10, 2020. The research projects REHA2030, SENSHOME and Detect & Connect, as well as a demonstration of a smart home demo case were presented.


The focus of the projects is mainly related to the research field Active and Assisted Living (AAL). But what exactly is AAL? The term Active and Assisted Living includes adequate construction measures, services and technical assistance systems that deal with the needs of an increasingly aging society. These technical assistance systems are intended to provide the best possible support for people in multifaceted life realities to enable independency and increase the individual quality of life (VDE, 2020).

As the conference took place in the framework of the occupational therapy study program, students were asked to find the connection points of the individual projects to occupational therapy.

The focus of occupational therapy is the client’s ability to act in their everyday life. The activity or being active is seen as a fundamental human need. Occupational therapists want to empower clients to participate in activities in their daily life. The therapy units are based on a client-centered concept. The clients decide for themselves which goals are to be pursued, and the therapy is tailored to the needs and wishes of the clients (Götsch, 2015, pp. 2-6).

Read more about it in the document “Schnittstellen heute: Ergotherapie und AAL”, which is exclusively available for download here (German only).

Autor*innen und Mitwirkende aus dem Studiengang Ergotherapie an der FH Kärnten Jahrgang 2018: Egart Alexander, Fischer Melanie, Kapellari Alina, Kropiunik Maja, Leitgeber Lydia, Maierhofer Martina, Moosbrugger Theresia, Nestler Janine, Schrei Marlene, Smole Sandra, Stampfl Christina, Tegelhofer Stefanie, Trattner Vanessa, Unterdorfer Corinna, Vieider Verena, Walder Natalie, Wolffhardt Stephanie

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