Welcome, Jitka Sykorova!

Jitka Sykorova, MSc

Jitka Sykorova  joins our Research Unit as a scholarship holder for
one month. Her University at her home is the Technical University in Prague in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Wordrap with Jitka Sykorova

I am in Austria to learn…

new methods in participatory research especially in the field of assistive technology. I am interested in tele-rehabilitation and community living.

I expect to…

exchange and share some experience in implementing technology into practice and discuss different points of view about research in our countries.

In Prague I do study

doctoral degree in Assistive Technology. I´ve started the PHD in 2021. Also, I work as an occupational therapist in the field of neurorehabilitation. That allows me to combine theory and evidence-based practice into the work with patients.

My university is different concerning the following things…

There are a lot of similarities in our research intents and clinical approaches based on multidisciplinary and participatory approach. However, my day at home is filled both with clinical practice and research or teaching activities. 

Here in the AAL Unit I appreciate the close cooperation between engineering and health studies and experts as well as the outstanding equipment and facilities related to assistive technology and occupational therapy.

My wish for the future as a scientist is

to make the technology more accessible and applicable in practice. I would like to bring some new ideas to help people fully engage in their activities no matter their disability.


Thank you for your time and a lot of interessting impressions during your stay!


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