AAL Forum 2019 | Aarhus, Denmark

The AAL Forum 2019 is about implementation of ICT solutions and the enduser’s experience of better life quality and this is year, it was hosted by the beautiful, age-friendly host city of Aarhus.

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. Aarhus is a historic city founded in the Viking Age surrounded by the beauty of nature. Today, the city is a strong national centre of growth with a significant international profile as well as a leading city of knowledge, culture and education, in close collaboration with their partners in the Central Denmark Region.

This year, the Fachhochschule Kärnten and our research unit on Active and Assisted Living “had many irons in the fire”. We were involved in the following activities:

  • Exhibition booth: AAL Forum 2019 hosted a vibrant exhibition of technology designed to improve the quality of life for older people and we were one part of it. We had the chance to promote our projects COOP4HEALTHCARE (Interreg V-A Si-At), REHA2030 (Interreg V-A Si-At) and Smart VitAALity (FFG, benefit).
  • Workshop: The workshops of the AAL Forum 2019 were divided into six thematic areas which encompass the main topic, Smarter practical implementation of digital technology to enhance active and healthy living. Two speakers of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) were involved in Workshop 30 (Enabling implementation decisions. Assessing the effectiveness of AAL: the case of EvAALuation and MAFEIP (joint session AAL/EIP on AHA). The main presentation is available here.
  • Poster Presentation: The AAL Forum 2019 provided an opportunity to present our latest results or ongoing research project in the AAL sector to the expected 1,000 conference participants. Presenting at the forum was a brilliant way of informing other delegates and stakeholders about how we are helping to change the way older people use technology to stay healthy and independent for longer. We had the chance to present first results of the Smart VitAALity: Raising awareness of people related to their own health – behavioral changes during a twelve months field trial.


The AAL Forum 2019 was great success for us. Beside the exchange with our mentors and partners, we could also establish new links and networks. See you soon and let’s stay in touch.

[Credits Beitragsbild: AAL Programme / AAL Forum, content and information derived from here]


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