The Innovation Congress on digital future took place from 12 to 14 November 2019 in Villach, Austria.

It was in this unique framework that Carinthia University of Applied Sciences organized the first SMART LIVING FORUM on the topic „Collaborative Innovation from Smart Living to Smart Industry“. The forum was initiated by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in order to increase awareness of innovation processes, to successfully anchor socio-technological innovations and to increase people’s quality of life.

The final event of the COOP4HEALTHCARE project was co-located with the SMART LIVING FORUM and launched a dedicated CALL FOR POSTERS. Researchers and institutions active in the field of Smart Living were invited to present their latest findings to an international audience.

The following thematic areas were open for contributions:

  • THEME 1: Improvement of Healthcare Services
  • THEME 2: Aiming for Market Success
  • THEME 3: Open category from Smart Living to Smart Industry

The results of the Call for Poster were presented in the Smart Living Lounge on 14 November 2019 with a guided poster walk. Presenting authors had a 3-minutes timeframe (+1 minute discussion) to present their work.

  1. Gundolf, Andrea / University of Klagenfurt / School health nursing
  2. Heiden, Bernhard (1,2); Decleva, Monika (1); Tonino-Heiden, Bianca (2) / 1: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, 2: University of Graz / Towards a Wittgensteinean Ladder for the Virtual Classroom
  3. Hvalič-Touzery, Simona; Lebar, Lea; Petrovčič, Andraž; Smole Orehek, Kaja; Dolničar, Vesna / University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences / Psychological outcomes of telecare use for working family carers of older people
  4. Hvalič-Touzery, Simona; Dolničar, Vesna; Prevodnik, Katja; Škafar, Maja; Petrovčič, Andraž / University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences / The importance of patients’ user experience with a telehealth system for their evaluation of its psychosocial impacts
  5. Ströckl, Daniela Elisabeth / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Applied Research on Ageing / Multimodal Interface Modeling Language – from a Meta-model to an assistive and flexible User-System Interface
  6. Oberrauner, Elena / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / A Beacon Technology Integration System for People with Dementia
  7. Kada, Olivia (1); Mark, Anna-Theresa (1); Kamin, Stefan T. (2); Damm, Franziska (2); Brenneisen, Judith (2); Lang, Frieder R. (2) / 1: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, School of Healthcare Management, Austria; 2: Institute of Psychogerontology, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg / Images of ageing in the Austrian AAL context. Project overview and main results
  8. Mark, Anna-Theresa; Kada, Olivia; Ströckl, Daniela E.; Oberzaucher, Johannes / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / Smart VitAALity – Effects of a modular AAL system on subjective quality of life. Methods and first results
  9. Kampel, Martin (1,2); Lumetzberger, Jennifer (1,2) / 1: Technische Universität Wien; 2: Cogvis software und consulting GmbH / Using the toilet more autonomously via ICT
  10. Stückler, Simone; Scherllin, Jasmin; Aldrian, Julia; Stani, Sabrina / e_nnovation better life solutions GmbH / Usability criteria for AAL solutions and smart homes for elderly people
  11. van Harxen, Elise; Rosskopf, Tina / P.SYS, caring systems KG / Be at the Right Place, at the Right Time
  12. Plattner, Johanna; Oberzaucher, Johannes / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / A Multi-Sensory Approach to Acquire and Process Health and Lifestyle Information
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