SMART VITAALITY Closing Event | Klagenfurt

On 20.11.2019, the final event of Smart VitAALity took place at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Klagenfurt. Smart VitAALity – a Carinthia research project with more than 200 participants – was tested and evaluated for one year.

Thanks to the motivated and ambitiously participation of our senior citizens, we were able to gain valuable insights and information about the subjective quality of life, attitudes towards technology and possible difficulties in dealing with technical systems.

Now, we would like to present short insights into the results:

The support of the participants during the test phase took more than 250 hours. Sometimes it was enough to give some help and hints over the phone (approximately 19 hours) to solve problems or difficulties. Of a total of 102 people, 29 used Smart VitAALity almost daily and 54 at least three times a week. The number of steps taken by all participants is remarkable: 760.591 steps were taken in the one-year testing phase. Around 83% of all participants found the “vital values” function very useful. Many people stated, that they knew more about their own state of health through the support of the Care Center Service and around 84% felt save (with regard to the data security) when using the telemedicine application.

After the results had been presented and discussed, the participants had the opportunity to exchange information about the project with each other by having some snacks, coffee and cake and inform themselves at the booth of our project partner Ilogs about assistance systems in the field of AAL.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our participants once again for their great commitment. Without you, the successful implementation and evaluation of this project would not have been possible.

Thank you!

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