Development of a robot-assisted multi-axis 3D printing process for composite materials

The aim of the MMO-3D project is to strengthen R&D in technical and economic focus areas through cross-border cooperation between relevant stakeholders (FH Kärnten degree programmes in mechanical engineering, systems engineering and industrial engineering), project partners Oprema Ravne (Slovenia, lead partner), Wood Competence Centre (W3C), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia, Institute of Robotics) and Roboteh (Slovenia).

The core of the innovation is the adaptation of a 6-axis robot with an injection moulding technology and a fibre manipulator. This technology enables the production of even geometrically complex products with ultra-high-strength lightweight materials for applications in e-mobility and medical technology.

The project thus contributes to the promotion of cross-border cooperation to strengthen research and technological development, competitiveness and innovation. In the long term, all participating project partners from science and industry will benefit from the mutual exchange of knowledge and technology transfer from mechanical engineering and robotics.