WP6: iNteract – Functionalized Systems

Key Question:

How to integrate sensors in the design and at the time of 3D-printing?

Work Package Summary

We develop strategies to integrate functional components such as sensors already in the design and at the time of printing.

The main goals of iNteract

Functionalized Systems

In this work package integration strategies for sensors and actuators in lightweight medical assistance devices is developed.
As a starting point, various sensing and actuation principle suitable for printing integration will be evaluated. Based on the determined concepts, physical simulations, i.e., Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations will be set up. Ideally, these simulations then deliver suitable design concepts for the latter fabrication of the respective functional prototypes.
Ideally, sensors to determine pressure distributions and position and movement of users inside the devices are developed to match user physiology and user needs.
While continuous Carbon fibres are used to fabricate the target lightweight lattice structures, these fibres also exhibit sensing properties and their suitability for this purpose will ideally as well be evaluated.