MOVINSI – Let’s go!

The population size reduction and the increase in the total number of old people are important features that characterize the CLLD area and might degenerate in social and healthcare challenges. These problems are amplified in the marginal areas of the region. Based on these premises the project MOVINSI aims at promoting wellness and sociability within the old population of the HEurOpen area, by encouraging physical activity practice and socialization between individuals, using modern technologies. It will create a network of competences whose contributions will come from several actors: the scientific expertise of the “University of Udine”, the expertise in the technological field of the “IARA” company, and the social competences shared between the “Azienda per i servizi sanitari” and the “AL SOLE” institute. The project plans to recruit old people resident in the HEurOpen area and ask them to participate into a physical activity program monitored by experts in the field of motor science. They will take advantage of being part of the program to strengthen their own ability to socialize and their competences in the field of modern technologies, thus increasing their quality of life. MOVINSI also aims at improving the cooperation between the institutions that are working in the cross-border area, promoting the exchange of information and technical knowledge among them. Finally, but not less important the project will create new job opportunities especially for young graduates.

The project MOVINSI is co-financed in the framework of the cooperation programme Interreg V-A Italy-Austria and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).