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This research group will be an intensified, multi-disciplinary research collaboration with RESPECT (RF wireless) and CISMAT (Carinthia Institute of Smart Materials )  for Mechatronic sensor integration in the development of integrated wireless sensors and smart manufacturing/smart living. It is not only aligned with the diverse research facilities inside FH, but also follows the strategy of Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) to increase the international competitiveness in the future.

The research group SIMS is Member of

CIME – Carinthia Institute for Microelectronics 

The Carinthia Institute for Microelectronics (CIME) is a competence center for research and development of integrated electronic systems. CIME is strongly associated to the department of Integrated Systems and Circuits Design (ISCD) with a srong network to other department within the faculty of Engineering & IT at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and is also based on the research of Josef Ressel Center “Interact” which was operated at CUAS until 2019.

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The research group SIMS is Member of

CiSMAT (Carinthia Institute for Smart MAterials and Manufacturing Technologies) is a newly founded center, dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions for the Industry of the Future. It is part of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), and is supported by the KWF (Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds).

CiSMAT works closely with a network of local and international companies, which it also supports in their transformation efforts towards Industry 4.0.

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The goal is to investigate, develop and integrate complete autonomous sensor modules e.g. based on IC/ASIC platform that integrates sensor actuation, sensing, data processing, RF/wireless communication and portable energy harvesting on a single small chip /system-board for Industry IoT/industry 4.0 smart manufacturing applications.

We would expect the Austrian companies to benefit from our research either in an increased market for their products, or to develop and market devices, which result from the research group work.


PATTERN-Skin – Modular Multi-Modal Proximity and Tactile Perception Skin

Projektlaufzeit: Mai/2021 – März/2023

Entwicklung einer neuartigen, biegbaren und potenziell dehnbaren multimodalen modularen Roboterhaut, die auf Berührung reagiert und eine Annäherung einer Person erkennen kann. Dadurch werden kollaborative Mensch-Roboter Arbeitsbereiche noch sicherer. Daten aus den Simulationen dienen als Basis für maschinelles Lernen und KI-gestützte Algorithmenentwicklung.

Beteiligte Partner: JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Alpen-Adria-Universität, FH Fachhochschule Kärnten, Silicon Austria Labs

Nähere Informationen finden Sie auf www.efre.gv.at


Kollaborative Mensch RoboterArbeitsbereiche
Modular human robot working cell, where a human can collaborate and interact with the robot in a safe and intuitive way.
Development of integrated sensor frontend for a Contactless and Safe Interaction Cell (CSIC):
1. Perception sensor
2. Proximity sensor
3. Motion tracking


Research Interests

  • Sensor sensing system-on-chip for IoT/smart manufacturing technology (Industry 4.0);
  • Energy harvesting micro-system to replace power supply;
  • Sensor System on Module (SOM) Integration

Enabling Industry 4.0

Factory Floor:

  • Maximize return-over-investment(ROI)
  • Increase operational/production efficiency
  • Optimize resources

OEM & Service Providers:

  • Improve machine capabilities
  • Optimize systems
  • Capture/create new revenue models

SIMS Intelligent Solutions

Smart condition sensing solution extended beyond equipment, is growing rapidly, and has penetrated into every corner of our lives, ranging from Automobile to smart phone and from wearable sensing to smart manufacturing.


SIMS – Research group
 for Sensor Integrations in Mechatronic Systems

Carinthia University of Applied Science
Europastrasse 4, 9500 Villach, Austria


Lead: SIMS 
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FH-Prof. DI Dr. 
Johannes Sturm
Lead: CIME & RFFE Labs

Carinthia University of Applied Science,
Europastrasse 4, 9500 Villach
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Sahar Sarafi Ph.D. 
Key Researcher 

Carinthia University of Applied Science,
Europastrasse 4, 9500 Villach
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Ing. Ingmar Bihlo 

Carinthia University of Applied Science,
Europastrasse 4, 9500 Villach
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Bernd Filipitsch, BSC MSC 

Carinthia University of Applied Science,
Europastrasse 4, 9500 Villach
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Ing. Corinna Kudler, BSC MSC 
FH Kärnten Research

Carinthia University of Applied Science,
Europastrasse 4, 9500 Villach
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Graz University of Technology, Johannes Kepler University Linz, University of Klagenfurt,

Silicon Austria Labs, Joanneum Research

Infineon Technologies, Intel, Max Linear, EED Automation, eologix,

WLB, WL, ÖBB Infra Bau AG, PSC, Datacapo-Sportdienste