ADMiRE Research Center

We are a research center affiliated with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, specializing in ADditive Manufacturing, intelligent Robotics and Engineering. Our research focuses on the topics of Material, Design, Process, and Application, with a strong emphasis on sustainability that permeates everything we do. In fact, sustainability is at the very heart of our work.

We aim to push additive manufacturing as a fabrication technology towards the Green Deal, which enables easy access to everybody in need. Our focus in 3D printing is on material extrusion-based additive manufacturing, either with polymer filaments or pellets. We support the regional, Austrian and European industry through the transfer of research results into industrial practice and by inclusion of all relevant user groups throughout our developments. Current key topics of ADMiRE include: development of intelligent prosthetic and orthotic systems with future prospects towards exoskeletons, development of intelligent insoles and soles, joining robotics and 3D printing, multi-material and multi-axis printing, AM with bio-based and biodegradable as well as recycled polymer systems, product design including topology optimization and path planning, AM in education.