© HAGE Sondermaschinenbau

HAGE 3D-1750L-B

HAGE 3D-1750L-B is a multi-module printer which allows for printing either with filament or pellet materials as well as with traditional 3D-printing or 5-axis printing. The large build plate (1.2m x 1.2m for 3D-printing or 0.5m x 0.5m for 5D-printing), gives the possibility to print bigger parts at once, as e.g. exoskeletons. The 5D-printing can improve prints by placing fibres in such directions that they can efficiently transfer loads, thus increase mechanical properties of the part. Moreover, the high nozzle temperature allows printing high performance polymers such as Polyetheretherketone (PEEK).


  • 3D/5D printing process: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Pellet Additive Manufacturing (PAM), continuous-fibre printing
  • Number of extruders: 1 or 2
  • 3D Print volume: 1200 mm x 1200 mm x 1000 mm
  • 5D Print volume: 500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm
  • Maximum nozzle temperature: 450 °C
  • Maximum print bed temperature: 100 °C
  • Printing room temperature: 80 °C
  • Layer height: 50 μm – 6 mm

High-performance printhead for HAGE 3D-1750L-B

The HAGE printer’s capabilities are extended with a high-performance continuous fiber composite printhead, broadening its applications. This technology allows for the production of large and lightweight structural components using continuous fiber composite materials, offering versatility through the use of various material combinations. In the realm of Additive Manufacturing, the printhead provides unparalleled design freedom, enabling the precise deposition of fiber-reinforced plastics without the need for support structures.

© Pollen

Pollen New Pam Series P

Pollen New Pam Series P is a 3D printer that uses pellet materials, same which are used in the injection molding process. This functioning principle allows for printing a wide spectrum of Thermoplastic Elastomer materials (TPE) beginning from very soft ones as Shore 00, which behave similar to jelly, ending with Shore D materials, which are hard as protection helmets. Moreover, the printer has four nozzles, which allows for combing materials in the same print making composite structures, which can better face specific applications.


  • 3D printing process: Pellet Additive Manufacturing (PAM)
  • Number of extruders: 4
  • Print volume: Ø 300 x H 300 mm
  • Maximum nozzle temperature: 350 °C
  • Maximum print bed temperature: 150 °C
  • Layer height: 40 μm – 1.2 mm


5AXISMAKER’s CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are the only desktop machines that offer both 5-axis milling and 3D printing. They provide an affordable, computer-controlled way for individuals — and businesses of every size — to repeatedly create finely-detailed parts, tools and other products in wood, plastic, foam and other materials.


  • Large work envelope on the desk
  • Full 5-axis capability Hybrid manufacturing (milling + 3D printing)
  • Made with replaceable modules for easy maintenance and repair
Mobile Manipulator CHIMERA


The sensitive mobile manipulator CHIMERA is a robotic system for flexible applications. Mobile robot systems expand the range of tasks for lightweight robots and can be used both in industrial environments and outside industrial facilitiesTwo laser scanners on the mobile platform ensure a vision of  360 degrees and enable the robot to navigate around people and obstacles in a natural way or rather stop the robot system in case of missing alternative routes.


  • MiR100 (Mobile Industrial Robots)
  • UR10 (Universal Robots)
  • ROS-based robot system
  • up to 10 h continuous operation
© Speedgoat

Speedgoat Performance Real-Time Target Machine

speedgoat Performance Real-Time Target Machine is ideal for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and rapid control prototyping, and provides unrivaled MATLAB & Simulink workflow integration through Simulink Real-Time. This test system is equipped with a powerful multi-core CPU and optional Simulink-programmable FPGAs, enabling you to achieve closed-loop sample rates up to the MHz range.


  • Built for High-Performance
  • Vast Range of Supported I/O Connectivity and Protocols
  • Unrivaled Model-Based Design Workflow Integration
  • Versatile Installation Options
  • Long-Term Availability and Quality Services