Guided Poster Walk

The results of the Call for Posters will be presented in the Smart Living Lounge on 14 November 2019 with a guided poster walk between 15:30 and 16:30.

Presenting authors are advised to show up at the Smart Living Lounge no later than 15:15.

Presenting authors are having a 3-minutes timeframe (+1 minute discussion) to present their work.

[presentation order may still be subject to change]

  1. Gundolf, Andrea / University of Klagenfurt / School health nursing
  2. Heiden, Bernhard (1,2); Decleva, Monika (1); Tonino-Heiden, Bianca (2) / 1: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, 2: University of Graz / Towards a Wittgensteinean Ladder for the Virtual Classroom
  3. Hvalič-Touzery, Simona; Lebar, Lea; Petrovčič, Andraž; Smole Orehek, Kaja; Dolničar, Vesna / University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences / Psychological outcomes of telecare use for working family carers of older people
  4. Hvalič-Touzery, Simona; Dolničar, Vesna; Prevodnik, Katja; Škafar, Maja; Petrovčič, Andraž / University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences / The importance of patients‘ user experience with a telehealth system for their evaluation of its psychosocial impacts
  5. Ströckl, Daniela Elisabeth / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Applied Research on Ageing / Multimodal Interface Modeling Language – from a Meta-model to an assistive and flexible User-System Interface
  6. Oberrauner, Elena / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / A Beacon Technology Integration System for People with Dementia
  7. Kada, Olivia (1); Mark, Anna-Theresa (1); Kamin, Stefan T. (2); Damm, Franziska (2); Brenneisen, Judith (2); Lang, Frieder R. (2) / 1: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, School of Healthcare Management, Austria; 2: Institute of Psychogerontology, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg / Images of ageing in the Austrian AAL context. Project overview and main results
  8. Mark, Anna-Theresa; Kada, Olivia; Ströckl, Daniela E.; Oberzaucher, Johannes / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / Smart VitAALity – Effects of a modular AAL system on subjective quality of life. Methods and first results
  9. Kampel, Martin (1,2); Lumetzberger, Jennifer (1,2) / 1: Technische Universität Wien; 2: Cogvis software und consulting GmbH / Using the toilet more autonomously via ICT
  10. Stückler, Simone; Scherllin, Jasmin; Aldrian, Julia; Stani, Sabrina / e_nnovation better life solutions GmbH / Usability criteria for AAL solutions and smart homes for elderly people
  11. van Harxen, Elise; Rosskopf, Tina / P.SYS, caring systems KG / Be at the Right Place, at the Right Time
  12. Plattner, Johanna; Oberzaucher, Johannes / Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / A Multi-Sensory Approach to Acquire and Process Health and Lifestyle Information
  13. Weghofer, Alexandra; Mut, Michael; Mayer, Peter J. / Fachhochschule Burgenland GmbH, Department Gesundheit / digitalLIFE4CE: Fostering innovation in integrated healthcare systems