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Wordrap with Laura-Nadine Kroll

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Laura-Nadine Kroll

Junior Researcher
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Primoschgasse 8-10
9020 Klagenfurt

I am new in the research group…

…as a junior researcherI am very interested in taking part in the variety of projects that the research group is working on. 

The University of Applied Sciences I know for…

… the variety of study programs it offers, as the Master Program of Health Care IT was the reason I moved to Carinthia in the fall of 2021. I was impressed by the many possibilities the university provides as well as the opportunity to gain practical experience in technologies around Health Care. Stepping into the research group opened my eyes to the broad topics being researched and explored at the university. 

The research group AAL gains through me…

… a new member with great interest in working on advances in Assistive Technologies, that
people can benefit from. I specifically enjoy collaboration and development of smart technical solutions, aiding to overcome everyday challenges. Previously, I mainly worked on data analysis topics and the position here allows me to use this expertise while simultaneously expanding my skillset.

I particularly appreciate about the work …

… the diversity of topics that the research group is working on and collaborating with
the rest of the team in an enjoyable work environment. 

For the future in my new field of work I wish for…

… this research to play an important role in the creation of accessible technology
that will increase people’s quality of life. 

Thank you for your answers and all the best for your new job!

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