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Wordrap with Anna Drechslerová

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Anna Drechslerová

Junior Researcher
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Primoschgasse 8-10
9020 Klagenfurt

I am new in the research group…


…at a position of a junior researcher. My work mostly revolves around data analysis
and support in various projects at the research group. 

The University of Applied Sciences I know for…

…being an interesting, prospective place for studies and research. I first heard about
CUAS searching for Master degree program, as I wanted to pursue a field connecting medicine and informatics in my further studies. Therefore, the English-taught master degree program of Healthcare IT at CUAS immediately caught my interest. After two semesters here, I was given the opportunity to join the research field and started working at the research group, whose friendly atmosphere, compelling projects and international connections make it a great environment to work in. 

The research group AAL gains through me…

…a different perspective on AAL related tasks, IT and programming skills with great enthusiasm for solving accessibility problems.


I particularly appreciate about the work …

…the varying projects, which keep my job diverse and exciting. The different requirements and challenges of each task allow me to learn new skills and delve into research areas I haven’t explored before.

For the future in my new field of work I wish for…

…the opportunity to keep working on interesting projects, which aim to improve lives of people with impairments. Working with the research group made me more aware of the many accessibility obstacles which people face on a daily basis, and I hope that my work can contribute towards finding possible solutions to these issues.

Thank you for your answers and all the best for your new job!


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