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SENSHOME Final Events in Klagenfurt and Bolzano

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Review of the two regional events at the end of the three-year research period.



It all started with the idea to make living environments for people on the autism spectrum safer, more livable and more pleasant. The first idea was born over three years ago, out of which the interregional project called SENSHOME has emerged.


First results at the local final event in Klagenfurt.






From July to September 2022, testing and evaluation of the collaboratively developed SENSHOME
environment took place at the University of Applied Sciences in Klagenfurt. The environment was created to develop smart home concepts and furnishing solutions for more well-being, autonomy and safety for people on the autism spectrum. To present the first results, the AAL research group at the Carinthia University
of Applied Sciences invited to a regional event.


The researchers from the project used the afternoon to explain the SENSHOME environment in detail, and to present first results on how the SENSHOME environment was perceived. The participative usage approach was presented as was the SENSHOME environment with its functions and possibilities. During the break guests had the opportunity to visit and test the SENSHOME environment in the lab. For those who missed the event, the research group offers the possibility to rewatch the presentations via Video:

Final Event in Bolzano at the end of the year

The participants of SENSHOME in Bolzano during the final event.

At the final event in Bolzano we had the opportunity to discuss the results and the future of SENSHOME with
local politicians, experts from the medical field and scientists.

The first day was focused on discussing lessons learned regarding the aesthetics and design of the furniture
and how the results will change the construction of living environments for people on the autism spectrum. The second day was all about the practical implementation – starting with a presentation of the living environment, the different perspectives of the stakeholders and ending with wishes and suggestions for the further development of the SENSHOME environment. In summary, it can be said that the interregional exchange was in the limelight, and we were able to celebrate a well worthy project completion.


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