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OIS zam – joining forces for participatory research

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The forum with the topicParticipatory research on health questions” organized by the Ludwig Bolzmann Gesellschaft offered a feel-good atmosphere, exciting discussions and networking opportunities for researchers and co-researchers. The AAL research group was present on site and contributed to the event with two presentations.

On October 21st and 22nd, 2022, “OIS zam“, a forum on participatory health research organized by the Ludwig Bolzmann Gesellschaft, took place. It was a well-organized event with a welcoming atmosphere. “It crackles like a campfire” was the unofficial motto of the event and the description matched it very well. The topics ranged from the challenges during the proposal phase of a participatory project all the way to its implementation. For example, special features of participatory projects were discussed at themed cafés in breakout sessions and tips and tricks were exchanged.

Sascha Fink and Lukas Wohofsky – both researchers at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences – contributed to the event with two project presentations. In the form of posters, the projects #RMB (Rare Bone Mobility) and AFA (Autism Friendly Austria) were showcased. The latter was supported at “OIS zam” by Katja Schöffmann, a community researcher involved in the project. The exciting event was a great source of inspiration and provided many networking opportunities.

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