Review: Geriatriekongress 2021

For the 16th time, the joint Austrian-German geriatric congress, took place from 10-11 June 2021 under the slogan “Keep Moving – geriatric medicine in motion”. It was organized by the Austrian Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology. The congress offered multi-professional expertise in geriatric medicine and gerontology and represented an interdisciplinary platform for the dialogue between science and practice. At this congress, which was held online this year, the Research Unit Active and Assisted Living and the IARA Department HAT participated with the following presentation:

  • Oral Presentation in German language: Interdisziplinarität im Bereich AAL – „Clash of Research Cultures“ (EN: Interdisciplinarity in the field of AAL – “Clash of Research Cultures”)
  • E-Poster in German language: Therapeutische Nah- und Nachversorgung nach Schlaganfall mittels Tele-Rehabilitation: Erforderliche Kernelemente (EN: Therapeutic close and follow-up care after a stroke by means of tele-rehabilitation)

During a session of the AAL Interdisciplinary Working Group, the above mentioned lecture was presented  by Johannes Oberzaucher. Areas of tension in the field of participatory technology development for the older generation were discussed. In particular, the needs of an agile and iterative development strategy, the design of established and theory-based interventions and the requirements of latest study designs in the field of effectiveness analyzes were compared and areas of tension made visible.

The presentation is available for download via the button below. The slides are available in German language only.

The e-poster focused on the functionalities collected in the Project REHA 2030, using a user-centered design process. REHA 2030 is working on a service model and technology platform for tele-rehabilitation. The focus of the poster was on the realization of the digital patient and therapist interface and the five most essential elements, (A) digital communication paths, (B) therapeutic exercise management, (C) activity monitoring, (D) calendar function, (E) diary function.

The image shows the poster.
Figure: Poster "Therapeutische Nah- und Nachversorgung nach Schlaganfall mittels Tele-Rehabilitation: Erforderliche Kernelemente" - Click on the image to view the full pdf version of the poster. [German only]

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